Educational Subscription (1 Year)

As part of our commitment to education and skills development we have made a student or learner edition of MapAble available at a substantially reduced cost. This version is fully functional. Terms and conditions do apply as set out in the subscription request.
R 1 322,50 incl tax
It is important that you prepare for your career by empowering and equiping yourself with the tools and skills that will put you ahead of the pack. Therefore grab the opportunity to join the MapAble™ family and enjoy the power of visualisation, mapping and collaboration at your finger tips anytime anywhere. 
As is the case with the commercial subscription, your MapAble™ subscription is valid for 12 months and inclde the following: 
  • A fully functional MapAble™ with full access to all functions and capabilities.
  • Users are limited to 1 login per username and password.
  • The subscription includes full access to MapAble™’s extended database. The users can add their own data via MapAble Data Loader, which is included as part of the subscription.
  • MapAble™ uses a secure server. Your data is backed up every day and only visible to you.
  • The basic subscription includes 5Gb server space, per package, for your own data.
  • Using MapAble™ provides access to online help and a listing of FAQ’s on our website


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